Zoo Roulette is very entertaining and exciting large scale online Roulette game. It is one of the most popular games on 777 Wealth Games. Players bet on the animals. Animals are divided in three categories: Birds, Beasts and Sharks. You win the payout by betting on the right animals.

Gameplay: Zoo Roulette

  • For each chance of zoo roulette, one of the animal will appear randomly, and the last position where the count down stops is the lucky animal.
  • There are three categories of betting area: Birds, Beasts, And Shark.
  • Directly choose the animal.
  • Bet on the animal of your choice .


Zoo Roulette

There are 11 betting areas in the game, and the odds for each one is different.


Ever birds have different odds ranging from x6, x8,x12 and x2. You can bet on the one of them by using the chips. Can be from 10RS to 10K.

Zoo Roulette: Birds


Same as birds you will have different BEASTS, you can chose any one of them and can make x6, x8, x12 and x2 times of there bets.

Zoo Roulette: Beasts


Eat big and with your teeth gnawed in like the shark. The payout can be x24 times.

Like any other roulette game variation, this is based on chance and observation. Watch the pattern and just place your bet, count your lucky stars! Zoo Roulette gets exciting when you get to play on the gray zone.

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