Car Roulette is very entertaining and exciting large scale online Roulette game. Time to enjoy and earn with style and class, so what are you waiting for? The Car Roulette is here for you, can start earning and having fun. Players can place bet on auto logos. There are 8 areas in the game, and you win the payout by betting on the right auto logo.

Tips and Rules for Zoo Roulette

Car Roulette on 777 Wealth Games

Chose any one of the auto logo and olace your bet, and you can win by betting right logo. The payout of the all the Autos are different, you can earn from x5 to x20 times of your betting amount.

Brands in Car Roulette

Its fun game for the people who like fast cars , so join and bet on your favorite cars. You can start betting from 10Rs to 10K Rs. Simple and easy to play and can have big earnings with small time period. What’s fun without any speed, right?

You have 8 options to choose from and 8 options to win it big! That makes the odds to win at 12.5%, which are very much favorable. Will it be Jaguar or Ferrari or something else. Insider talk is that, it will always be something which is pleasing to the eye.

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