Andar Bahar – Card Games of Kismat

Andar Bahar is an the Worldn gambling game that is said to have originated in Bengaluru (Bangalore) in the southern state of Karnataka, and it is also known in Tamil as Mangatha or Ullae Veliyae. It is a game of pure chance in which the dealer places a card face up and the player bets on one of two piles: Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside). The dealer then deals cards alternately to the two piles until a card appears that matches the initial card. The pile where this matching card appears is the winning pile.

Tips and Rules for Andar Bahar:

The dealer shuffles one deck of 52 cards picks one card randomly from the available deck and places if face up, which would be the Game Card, against which bets can be placed for that game. Players can choose to bet on either Andar or Bahar bet spots for the hand.

A minimum bet amount is required to be placed which would be the default selection when clicked on the bet spot. The player can increase or decrease the bet amount as desired and confirm it within the given time. Use settings for Auto confirm option.

Game Result

If the number on the dealt card matches the value of the game card, the game ends.

Bet Types

Players can choose to bet on either Andar or Bahar spots. Once bets are placed, the player has to click on the confirm bet button to post the bets. Alternatively, the player can turn on the auto confirm option in settings, so bets are posted automatically.


Summary of game result for the last 100 games can be viewed here along with the percentage of win on both Andar and Bahar sides. In addition, you can view the winning percentage of last 100 games of the game card (dealer card) at the time of the betting.


Wins on Andar side gets 90%
Wins on Bahar side gets 100%

Andar and Bahar Side Bet Options:

To spice the game up there is a range of side bets. The side can be played with or without a main hand bet. The objective is to pick the number of cards that will be dealt before the “Joker” card reveals. The payouts are more generous than the main game round. The highest payout is 120:1, for 41 or more cards dealt.

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