7 Up Down: The ultimate Dice Game


The main aim of 7 Up Down is to correctly predict the total of two standard game dice. It is the ultimate dice game, and we have it on Card Games App. You can bet on three options which are known as 7 Down, Lucky 7, and 7 Up.

For dice games lovers we have a great offer. This is the game Over/Under 7. Bets are placed on the probability of a number falling below, above or equal to 7. In total, the options are 36. Six of them form the number 7 and those are – one and six; two and five; three and four and, respectively, four and three; five and two or six and one.

If you choose to bet on the probability of a number falling over 7, you win if the sum of the sides of the dice is 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12. Choosing the option of 7, gives the chance to reap rich rewards.

This game is extremely easy and all you need to play it, is luck. You can have fun and win with Under / over 7 (also called “7-up-7-down”) .

This is a game of two dices. It is an easy game based on probability and statistics. If you follow the pattern for long, then you have high winning probability. The gameplay is fairly simple and all you have to do is predict the sum of numbers on the dices. Winning is a matter of following the pattern.

7 Up Down: The Ultimate Dice Game Rules

  1. You can bet on the total being below 7, exactly 7, or above 7.
  2. Above and below 7 gives pay out double the bet amount.
  3. Exactly 7 gives payout 5 times the bet amount.
  4. When the dice result opened, gold dice bonus will randomly appears, and all the players betted in this round will win (win money = the amount betted*sum of the two dices’ points)

Try your luck or test your observation skills! This is once in a lifetime opportunity to earn money while having fun! Play with your friends and enjoy the loot!

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