10 Cards

10 Cards is a new trick taking card game that has similarities to Euchre and Spades. If you enjoy playing Pinochle, Bridge, Hearts, Whist, Pitch, or other card games, you will love Ten! Mastering the strategy and twists that you will encounter playing Ten takes ingenuity and persistence, and you will have a ton of fun playing this new card game.

10 Cards, also known as Six Plus Poker, is a game played like traditional Texas Hold’em but with only a 36-card deck (a “shorter” deck as the name implies). This means all deuces, threes, fours, and fives are removed from the deck.

The 10 Cards creates some major differences in strategy and even inhand ranking. From there, the game follows the format Hold’em players have grown accustomed to with two cards to each player with betting as normal as well on the flop, turn, and river.

Tips and Rules:

All players receive two cards and the dealer button rotates around the table with asmall blind and the big blind. The player to the left of the big blind can call that bet, raise the action, or fold. That continues around the table.

When the betting is complete, the dealer will put out the flop of three community cards. The player to the left of the button can then bet or check and that continues around the table as well. Players can also raise andreraiseof course, just as in a regular game of poker.

Once that betting is complete, the dealer will put out the turn card. Betting continues again around the table with players checking, betting, raising, or folding. After that is complete, players will see the final card and bet again. When this is complete, there’s a showdown and the best hand rakes the pot.

10 Cards Hand Rankings

10 Cards (Six Plus)Texas Hold’em
Royal FlushRoyal Flush
Straight FlushStraight Flush
Four of a kindFour of a kind
FlushFull House
Full HouseFlush
Three of a kindStraight
StraightThree of a kind
Two PairTwo Pair
High CardHigh Card

10 Cards Equity

When it comes to Short Deck equity, it’s important to realize that not many hands are a huge favorite over another hand. Because there are so many big cards and drawing possibilities that seeing flops with hands like those above is important. For example, take a look at this table with suited connecting hands and their chances of winning matched up against big pocket pairs.

Your hand Opponent hand

NLHE win % Short Deck win %
A♣K♣ Q♦Q♥ 46% 53%
A♠K♠ K♣K♦ 33.7% 46%
9♥10♥ K♣K♦ 21.5% 37%
A♦K♦ 8♣8♦ 47.5% 57%
Players should be willing to limp in in lots of pots with connecting hands and especially suited connectors. These types of hands just have so much value depending how the board plays out.

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